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John Wesley (b.1703 - d.1791) is considered to be the founder of the Methodist Church. He believed the church of his day needed revival and he provided methods of organization that helped people to experience God's grace. He was notorious for writing some rules to live by. Some of the most often quoted are the three that follow.


First, by doing no harm or any kind of evil

Second, by doing good, all kinds of mercy and doing all the good you can

Thirdly, by attending upon the ordinances of God, (worship, Communion, prayer, Bible study, Christian Conferencing etc)


These three simple rules challenge us to consider how we live in response to God's goodness. When we seek to be authentic in our faith, we must first make sure we do not harm our sisters or brothers. After this, we then seek to do good. The first two rules let us practice our faith in simple ways. It's this third one that challenges us to live in love with God.


Jesus said that all the Commandments from God can be summed up in two: We are to love God and to love neighbor. These three simple rules from Wesley invite us to apply these two commandments from Jesus in our everyday life.